Sunday, July 20, 2008

Quiet Weekend

Well, I consider myself pretty lucky to have timed this injury/inconvenient skinless ass problem as well as I have.

I had no events planned for this weekend, STP is over, my next race isn't until next weekend and I can register day-of for that one....

That's the good news. The bad news is that this road rash is really irritating and painful. I am sleeping badly due to sticking to the sheets/towel I have laid out. Also, clothing has a knack for sticking to it as well. I am trying not to dress it (on the doctor's orders) but it is tempting to throw some bandages on there.

I am still hoping to do the 5 Peaks Trail Run next weekend... I think it is reasonable to assume that I will be able to do it (and unreasonable to waste a whole week due to road rash). I won't register until the day of the race just in case. If I can't run I will put all of my efforts into cheering for Mattias (and maybe Aia if she comes out of retirement).

The bike might take a bit longer... butts have a way of wanting to rest on bicycle seats. This is a thought that makes me wince at the moment. We'll see.

Swimming - what is the etiquette on swimming in the pool with open wounds? The wetsuit doesn't seem too appealing right now so open water is out.

This weekend was pretty mellow. We had some friends over for brunch on Saturday then went out for dinner on Saturday night. Saltaire (restaurant in West Vancouver) gets a 5 out of 10 from me - it would be too boring to say why but nobody was impressed. Today we spent 6 hours at my good friends Jim and Trish's pool party - gets an 11 out of 10 from me (though I abstained from the water due to the etiquette question above.) Mattias and Aia were in the pool for five of the six hours.

Apart from the everyday life I am forecasting for this week, I am looking forward to a monumental week in Le Tour - the biggest stage of all should go down on Wednesday morning - Col du Galibier, Col du Jecantremember, and L'Alpe D'Huez. Three huge mountains and a mountaintop finish. And with the top 5 or 6 within one minute of each other it should spell DRAMA. You'll find me on the couch for that one... I am cheering for Cadel Evans (in case any one cares.)

Anyone care to log their favourite in the comments?

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Anonymous said...

Cadel is the man.

Ruth Voss said...

I like Cadel (who can't like that name), but Schleck is coming on fast and furious. It will be fun.

Have you found any Tegaderm from Nexcare - it is a semipermeable wound dressing for exactly what happened - road rash. London Drugs should have it. Might help with the sleeping at least.

I think open wounds in public pools are frowned on - as much for your safety as theirs. I wouldn't want to risk the chance of infection on your part. Maybe the pool will let you use their VASA trainer (they used to have one at West Van rec - might be owned by the otters though) - pretty good simulation but dryland. Might help.

MJ said...

I have lots of tegaderm (one of my favourite products) but only the small patches.... also, shiver to imagine removing it. OUCH!

Yes.... good point on the pool scenario. I think I am going to hit the ocean soon. The salt might be good for it.

Those Schleck boys sure look fast. I actually wouldn't mind Frank winning it come to think of it....