Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Open Water Swimming - Batchelor Bay


Kevin, Debbie and I hit the water at 6:15 this morning for an open water workout......  It was totally awesome.  Sunny and calm with no boat traffic at all.

We went just short of an hour and covered 2.12 miles.  I mapped it out on MapMyTri which is an awesome tool by the way....

- click to enlarge

The highlight was stopping at the beacon (approx. 2/3 of the way through) to see a bald eagle on top tearing into a fish...  The massive bird dined there for a minute or so before taking off with the fish in its talons....  so cool.  I should start swimming with my camera!

By the way, we are going to be swimming at Batchelor Bay on Wednesday mornings around 6am for the rest of the summer if anyone would like to join....  Send me an email (through the side bar on this blog) or leave a comment.

Here are a few shots from the morning....  

Kevin and Debbie

Yours truly

*The black and white shot at the top of the post is from a photographer called "Waste no time" you can see more of his cool black and whites HERE

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PC Ironman said...

You know, every time I read your blog, I feel like Im not doing much compared to you. You got me motivated to do an OW swim tomorrow. See you on Saturday, looking forward to it.

MJ said...

I look forward to hearing about it! See you on Saturday!