Sunday, November 2, 2008



Halloween is one of those days that is way more fun now than it was before we had kids.   

It starts early - I was barely out of the pool after Masters on Friday when Sacha was calling for reinforcements.  The Grim Reaper and Little Red Riding Hood were in full costume at 7:20am...

They pretty much never broke character until the costumes came off before bed.  Sacha and I, on the other hand, broke character by eating candy all day like a couple of 10 year olds.

The Grim Reaper, Bee-go, and Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

"Focus" is Viggo's specialty.  You can put the kid in a bee-suit, but you can't hide the eyes of a warrior.

The "Guitar Hero" look coming together... I believe every guy wants to try a mohawk at least once.  Turns out it's not the perfect hairstyle for West Van...  maybe a tad aggressive.  Fun for 12 hours though.


After a day of soccer (Mattias), music (Aia), sleeping (Viggo), sneaking miniature candy bars (Sacha and I), we headed over to Ruth and Henry's place for a super-awesome evening of home made pizza and hanging out.  Ruth is Sacha's trainer at IF.

Pick a cool fall evening and try to come up with a better meal than home made pizza and red wine....  I challenge you.  Seriously, go ahead and try....  you can't.


Barely able to roll my increasingly candy, pizza and wine-fattened body out of bed, I decided that I needed to crank out some serious exercise on Sunday.

I started with a solo-spin at IF, followed by Richard's spin class (which I highly recommend) - 2 hours all together.  Followed that up with a 7 or 8 mile jog with Sacha along the West Van seawall and up the Capilano River and back.

The brick was pretty mellow as we weren't trying to break any speed records on the run, but it felt awesome.  My legs were lively and I felt happy to be out there - which sometimes I do not when it comes to brick training.     

Sacha and I after our run.

The standard seawall route in West Van.  Click to enlarge.

Josip and Rob (mounted) - not sure what to type here............

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Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

It looks like the whole family had a great time with Halloween. As for the mohawk, I'll have to take your word for it.

Nice job with the brick!

That last picture really is disturbing...

Justine Boulin said...

great mohawk - and Mattias's costume is great !

interesting I saw Sasha on the seawall Sunday.. but you were no where in sight..

As for the last picture.. Please don't tell anyone where they work.. not a great sponsership advertising picture.. even though it is hilarious!

BreeWee said...

Love the hair!

Hey, that photo thing you added is too cool! Nice training too...