Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weekend Preview

I don't normally like to get ahead of myself by previewing things in this blog....  but I am excited about this weekend.

On Saturday Team IF West Vancouver is going to toe the line (8 different lines as it turns out) in the Haney 2 Harrison 100km Relay.  This little relay could easily swoop in late and collect the prize for most fun event of 2008.  

We have a house rented 2 blocks from the finish line.  The house ought to be pretty awesome given that it has a name - Naismith House.  Houses with names tend not to be dumps.  Also, correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Naismith (a Canadian) invent basketball?  So, without doing any research (because I don't want to disprove this theory), we will race our hearts out, hopefully win, and then proceed to party in a cool house that is pretty much the birthplace of basketball.

That all sets up quite nicely....

Sunday will see Sacha and her running buddy Mel take on the Khatsahlano 15km race at the reasonable time of 11am.  Now, some of you may be thinking "Hey that race was cancelled!".... sure, the real race was cancelled, but our Rogue Khatsahlano will start as scheduled.  The Rogue version is put on by MJ Racing - staff of 4 (though three are under age 7).  I will be starting the ladies, with a pistol no less.  I will be providing detailed maps of the course, manning aid stations, and providing on course support from my Race Vehicle (van).  There will be no chip timing as I thought that would be excessive for two runners (and difficult for me)....  These ladies had a goal, and I will not see their dreams (of running and eating great food afterward) dashed by the mysterious cancellation of the "Old" Khahts race.  It should be lots of fun....

If you would like to compete in this rogue Khatsalano please forward your application to me directly.  Please note the Khatsalano 15km race is actually 17km as you can see by the route below.

Oh, and if you were considering the Rogue Khahtsahlano, you ought to know that running it is almost as difficult as spelling it, as the profile map below shows:

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Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Good luck to all of you this weekend. Sounds like fun. Nothing like being your own race director.

Vincent said...

good luck with the run this weekend

and what do you use to map the elevation of your courses? Is that a perk of "map my run"?

MJ said...

This time I just took it off of the North Shore Athletics website....

On some of my other posts you will see it as part of the map.... In MapMyTri or MapMyRun you can generate a profile with one click - it's pretty awesome. However, I once clicked it for an open water swim and it looked like a jagged mountain range..... so maybe not so accurate.