Sunday, November 16, 2008

Home is where the shoes are...

The Toronto trip is over and I am home now....  good thing too because I forgot to bring my runners on the trip.  Therefore I got no exercise other than walking to and from the elevator.  (The nature of the weekend meant running for an hour here or there was the only exercise option.)

Some readers have not met me in person....  me without runners is kind of like George Burns without his cigar (may he rest in peace.)

Not exaggerating - I would say I wear running shoes 360 days a year.  Which is lame, I know....  

After hastily packing my bag (full of running gear for the Toronto cold, and grabbing my running leg which I did not need) I headed for the airport with these on:

...which, granted, may look like running shoes to some of you, but which would mercilessly tear the skin off of my heel and probably give me instant plantar fasciitis.  Not to mention I was at a Triathlon Canada board meeting and could not be seen running in Stan Smith's (no matter how cool they are for non-running endeavours.)

So I am super eager to get out tomorrow for a good run.  After being cooped up all weekend in meetings (and in a hotel room with no real window) there is going to be some pent up energy to burn.

Tomorrow morning starts like this:  

Swim 6am
Run 7:10-9:00am
EAT 9:00am

can't wait...

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