Monday, November 24, 2008

New Otter on Deck

That, my friends, is Mattias.  Saturday was his first workout as one of the West Vancouver Otters.  He was pretty excited and so was I.

We got up pretty early on Saturday morning before the workout at 8.  Even though it was a standard practice (not a meet or anything) I was a little nervous.

It felt a little bit like a race morning to me.  I guess I was just worried something would go wrong on the first day and he would have a bad experience.

In the end I had nothing to worry about.   The coaches were great and he had a BLAST!  He is one of the youngest kids but he kept up without any trouble and had tons of fun with his new friends.  It helped that Kevin's oldest son Ethan was in the same group so he knew somebody.

We are back there today at 4pm and I can't wait to watch him motor back and forth again.  With the Otters he will be swimming three times a week (an hour each time) - i.e. as much as his Dad!

There is nothing quite like watching my kids do well at something and love it - especially when it happens to be something I love too.

We did a photo shoot to mark the occasion (and to have some pictures for this post.)

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Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

That's so cool! Congratulations to Mattias. We have been taking our boys to the pool and they love it. The oldest ones are 5 and they are going to be taking some lessons soon. I hope they have as much fun as your son has. Soon, you might have yourself a lane buddy.

TriStyleGirl said...

How adorable and exciting!

Nikemom said...

Way too much fun and cute! Dont' let him pass you in the lane. :D

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Tony said...

great streamlined position!!! he is obviously learning from the best! does he swim like he runs? (sprint, sprint, sprint.. water... break... break... sprint, sprint, sprint)