Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tough Conditions - Silver Star

I am scheduled to leave for Silver Star on Monday.  The plan is to get onto the snow for two weeks in preparation for the important selection races in early December.

I have been following the conditions at Silver Star for the last couple of weeks and they haven't been great.  Tony (my ski coach) had to cancel one early season camp already.  As of this morning this is the report (click to enlarge):

So that makes a total of 4 trails open.  It would almost be better if 0 trails were open.  At least I'd know not to bother going.  As it is I'm not sure what to do... I seriously doubt that the 4 that are open are in good shape...

Damn you global warming!  In order to find a "bright side" to this weather issue I was forced to search for and watch this classic video...  I now present it for your enjoyment...  
Though it is mostly good that Barack Obama is taking the reins from W it must be noted that the quality of political comedy will likely experience a recession of dramatic proportions.

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Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I've never wished for cold and snow before, but in your case, I'll make an exception...

...I hope they get some more snow for you.

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