Saturday, November 1, 2008

NYC Marathon Runners - Good Luck!

To my friends from I.F. (listed below) that are running the NYC Marathon tomorrow - Good Luck!  

I would love to be there to run it with you (and definitely to celebrate afterward!)

Kris Schjelderup
Nicola Gildersleeve
Johann Burger
Paul Burger
Michelle Burger
Cariann Burger
Heather Wubs
Dale Bosa 
Anna Bosa
Blair Morley

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Jan said...

Ditto, Meyrick! We heard from Kris after the race & he said it was a great event. Apparently they got up @ 3:30am, took the subway to the bus which took them to the race area. They got to the race area (I hope I have this right) @ 5:00am & had to wait (rather chilly... below O (F) !!) for the race start @ 9:40am. Many of the times may have reflected this. We asked about the rest of the gang but he wasn't sure as many were still out on the course. I think Kris said his time was around 3:23 (please don't quote me as I so excited to hear from him, I was rambling so I may be a couple of mins. off...??). They all love New York & were excited to be heading to the Giants/Dallas game (lucky kids) soon after the race. Kris said everyone has been so friendly & even gave him a round of applause as he entered a Whole Foods store after the race (cool, heh). Neat experience....oh, to be young again (smile)!!