Saturday, November 15, 2008

Postcard from the Centre of the Universe

That's what they call Toronto - though I have no idea why....

I am here for the Triathlon Canada AGM.

Our meetings (and accommodations) are at the SkyDome Hotel.  Truth be told, the SkyDome Hotel does not exist - these days it goes by the catchy moniker "Renaissance Toronto Hotel Downtown".  For that matter the descriptive, and widely known name "SkyDome" does not exist either - it's the "Rogers Centre" now.      

Whatever....  My room has a glorious view of the stadium's playing surface - upon which absolutely nothing has occurred since I arrived at midnight last night.  I was hoping for a room that overlooked the field - why not?'s a bit different.  I'm over it now though...  some fresh air and natural light would be kind of nice.

Anyway,  I have a cool picture or two in my camera but no cable with which to liberate them...  Until tomorrow you'll have to make due with the postcard above and this picture of an open-roofed Skydome:

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1 comment:

BreeWee said...

Oh that looks like a good time, a COLD one but a good one!
Okay, when you and your family make it back to Hawaii I will give ya the full scoop on the hike!! The kids will love the swim...