Thursday, November 6, 2008

Higher Faster Stronger - 2010

Sacha and I just sat down and waded through the Vanoc website to order (or "request") Olympic tickets.  Tonight at midnight is the 'deadline' so we couldn't avoid it any longer.  This type of pre-purchasing doesn't sit well with my personality but I had to get over that.   

It wasn't quite as painful as I thought it would be - at least from an ease of navigation perspective.  The website made a fairly complicated process pretty simple.

Where the pain kicked in (and it kicked like a mule) was at the payment stage.  You have to request all the tickets you want - knowing that you won't get many of them....  so, naturally, you over request a little.  Then you are given a "maximum amount" which represents the price you pay if you get 100% of the tickets you request.  It also represents a heart attack (that's an exaggeration... "heavy palpitations" is more accurate.)

Let's put it this way - I better not get 100% of the tickets I requested.

In the end we have requested a variety of stuff....  lots of speed skating and cross country skiing, a figure skating event for Aia and Sacha, and a freestyle skiing event that we could all go to.  Hopefully our kids will enjoy soaking up the Olympic vibe...

I also got a little speculative with the ice hockey...  trust me, if I get Gold Medal tickets I'll be on my couch at home with a beer in hand, several thousand dollars richer.

If you need to order tickets go HERE.  If you, like me, need to win the lottery go HERE.


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Marcy said...

Oy my gawd! I can ONLY imagine what the prices would be for that. I'd probably have a mini heart attack just looking at it LOL

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I'll be watching on my couch, but I will certainly be watching. I'm with you on favorate events. Mine are crosscountry, biathlon, speedskating (long track) and bobsled. Hard to believe that it is only a little more than a year away.