Friday, November 7, 2008

Thank You Cypress Mountain!

I would like to thank a new supporter.  Cypress Mountain will be supporting my efforts to compete in the Paralympics in 2010. 

Cypress Mountain was a favourite training ground of mine before I started cross country racing.  I have spent many hours toiling up the mountain on my bike over the last 4 or 5 years...  It has humbled me on more than one occasion.

I would say that Cypress, and especially its convenience and proximity to the city and to my home was one of the biggest factors I considered when I chose X-C racing as a sport to shoot for 2010.

I spent 3-4 days a week skiing on Cypress' nordic trails last season.  Learning the ins and outs of Nordic Skiing while experiencing unbelievable conditions just 15 minutes from my front door.  From my first time on cross country skis to my first race....  it all happened on Cypress.

And if that isn't enough, the downhill ski area is the city's best (by far), and now they have a brand new lodge.  There is even a tube park for kids!  

Last season, Mattias took several lessons at the ski school while I worked up a sweat on the nordic trails.  What a great way to spend a weekend morning or afternoon.

This summer I have been roller skiing up the access road and even down it.  Did I mention humbling?  I am looking forward to opening day which should be right around the corner!

If you haven't been recently, I highly recommend you escape the rain and enter the snow zone this winter.  Downhill, cross country, snowshoeing, tubing, fondue-eating, hot chocolate drinking.....  it's pretty hard to beat and it is right in our backyard.

Check here for all the details:  Cypress Mountain.    

And click HERE to see some awesome photos from Cypress.

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Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

It's fantastic that you are getting so much support for your Olympic bid.

Marcy said...

WOW! Very cool, very cool!