Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This is not just a big day for Americans....  I think the whole world is looking forward to a new tenant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  I'm pretty sure the last one won't be getting his damage deposit back.

It is so interesting to contrast the US and Canadian election battles.  Our little skirmish was kind of like an undercard on fight night, or the opening band at a three day music festival.  I would love to know for sure which election effects me the most - I can't help but think tonight's is the more important one - even for us Canadians.  Therefore Sacha and I will tune in tonight and watch as the muscles of American democracy are flexed.

Given that I am Canadian, and therefore denied an official vote (sheeesh!), I was forced to vote at: 

Cast your ballot and see the live results....

Declaration:  One should never vote based on cool campaign posters, so I assure you the one above, and the parody below, had nothing to do with my vote.  

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TriStyleGirl said...

Ha! I love the "Swim" Poster. Brilliant!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

They do love John McCain in Macedonia, don't they?

I've been watching this race for more than a year now (yes, I've been a tad eager for a new resident on Pennsylvania Avenue). I can't imagine Obama not winning tonight, but in the end, the people will have their say once again. The most encouraging thing is the massive turnout of Americans who see how important voting is. The single biggest threat to democracy is ambivalence.

James Greenwood said...

Go Obama go!

We all had a good laugh at the damage deposit line - brilliant!