Friday, November 28, 2008

Thank You! Mrs. Finden's Class!

When I got home from Whistler last night Aia met me at the door and said, 

"Kids made cards for you!"

I wasn't entirely sure what she was talking about until she showed me a HUGE stack of thank-you cards from the kids in Mrs. Finden's class that I visited a couple of weeks ago.

I was really impressed with the drawing and the writing...  Many of the kids shared their goals with me on their cards:

- Be a better soccer player
- Get to the playoffs (hockey)
- Run faster
- Try something I've never done before
- Get better at school subjects
- Get better at playing stuff because I sometimes get hurt
- Be a better swimmer
- Be better at Chinese school
- To work my hardest
- To beat you in a sprint!
- To get an A+ in math
- To believe in myself

Pretty great goals you guys!

A few of the kids included their picture, many drew pictures of me (which are awesome!) and they all touched my heart.

Thank you very much for these cards!  Mattias, Aia and I love reading them!

Here are the cards...  If you want to feel GREAT about today's kids, click and ENLARGE a few of these.  Have a read - these are awesome:

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Prince Owan said...

Hey meyrick wussup i have been thinking of something. So here it is when is your next race? Well thats pretty much it so see ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prince Owan said...

thanks for posting our pics meyrick!!!!!

MJ said...

Hey Prince! My next race is this coming weekend - December 6th. It is at Sovereign Lake near Vernon in the Okanagan. Thanks for reading!

Judy said...

hey meyrick i was so surprised when u post my thank u card on well by...


Judy said...

heyyy i was surprised when u posted my thank u card on well bye...