Friday, August 29, 2008

Army Run - Ottawa

My trip to Ottawa is coming together and I couldn't be more excited.

I will be delivering a motivational and informational talk to a group of injured Canadian Forces soldiers as well as the officers that are behind the Soldier On initiative.  

On Sunday I will be running the event with the soldiers, many of whom will be running for the first time.  It should be an amazing experience as I am sure these men and women will go through quite a range of emotions along the way.

The Soldier On program (which is charged with the duty of rehabilitating the injured soldiers) signifies an amazing opportunity for me to help others.  There is never any shortage of ways to help others in this world, but when one comes along that 'fits' as well as this one it is very exciting.  I lost my leg at 21, around the same time in life as most of these soldiers.  I didn't lose my leg to a rocket-propelled grenade or suicide bomber but I was a young guy eager to get active, frustrated at times, scared at times, and staring up a pretty steep hill.  We have that much in common.

I am sure I will learn a lot and I feel certain that I can do my duty to inspire these soldiers - just by showing them what can be achieved with a positive attitude and a determined approach.  At the least I can download 13 years of experience with disability - the tricks - mental, physical and practical.  

Check out the ARMY RUN website HERE

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PC Ironman said...

This is such a cool thing you have been asked to do. Have a good trip.

jan said...

Bravo, Meyrick! Thank you for giving so generously of yourself. You will no doubt inspire & motivate these brave men & women to lead full productive lives. They deserve our admiration & support! Cheers.

Malcolm said...

hey Meyrick,
my nephew is returning from Afghanistan next month in one piece. the patricia pats took a beating this term...