Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bill Bowerman

I hope you're enjoying your weekend (watching lots of Olympics).  I'll tell you all about mine tomorrow or Monday...  for now I have this:

Remember that quote I was referring to a couple of posts ago?  If not, you can read the post again by clicking here.

I said I wasn't sure who it came from....  

Weird coincidence - I got an e-mail from "anonymous" who apparently reads my blog from time to time.  "Anonymous", who aside from being mysterious, is also knowledgeable about famous quotes, informed me that it was Bill Bowerman's quote and that it is featured in the latest Nike ad.  That's right - the one I posted about a week ago.

I knew I had 'heard' it recently, and that might have been what made me think of it when I wrote the post.  I had no idea it was Bowerman's quote - that makes it 100x cooler.  

(Note:  I am ignoring the fact that I didn't even remember seeing those words on the screen when I watched that ad 30 times last week.  My memory may not be my strongest quality...)
Bill Bowerman, for those of you who don't know, came up with a great idea for running shoes that he made using a waffle-iron.  Seriously.  He called them Nike and sold them out of the trunk of his car.  Bill turned that idea into a tidy little business.  He is described in the image below (click to enlarge.)

In order to posthumously honour Bill, I have added his quote to my sidebar under the "Wise Guys Quotes" section, where his words will sit alongside Roosevelt's.

Further reading should you be interested: Bowerman and the Men of Oregon is an awesome book packed with great stories about Bill and his athletes and Nike. I highly recommend it.

Enjoy your Sunday.  Especially you "Anonymous" - thanks!

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