Friday, August 8, 2008

Training Ground - I am lucky...

The weather has been absolutely beautiful.... I've taken full advantage and gotten outside as much as possible. I'll take you through my training week in pictures from awesome local photographers.

In the last week or so I rode three times. Ran twice.  Swam in the pool twice and in the ocean once.  Dryland training twice.  Innovative Fitness twice.  

This is where it all goes down:

Taken from Marine Drive, West Vancouver looking back towards Lighthouse Park. This is about a 5 minute ride east from my home (which is near the Lighthouse in the pic). I go by this spot every time I am on my bike and almost every time I run. Photo by: renovatio06.

The Lion's Gate Bridge - Our exit/entry point to the North Shore - crossed it four times this week. This shot from

One of the massive trees in Stanley Park. I love riding in the park - 10km loop, one hill, lots of fast descending... sometimes a bit busy but in the early morning it is awesome. Was here twice this week. Photo from: parkbenchdaily.

One of my favourite parts of the Stanley Park Loop - the statue of Harry Jerome in front of Coal Harbour with downtown in the background. Harry was the man - he won bronze in Tokyo (1964) and set 7 world records during his career. Photo: Dan Heller.

After riding across the Lion's Gate and through Stanley Park we ride along Beach Avenue. The view is spectacular as you can see. That is West Van jutting out... Photo by: Su-Chan.

On the way to and from UBC we ride along Spanish Banks. This is just before the hill up to UBC where I did hill repeats a few days ago. This awesome night shot is by Kloppster.

West Vancouver Aquatic Centre - Masters Swim Club at 6am mon, wed, and fri.... We are lucky to have such a great pool (Even if it is only 25m.) Photo from: WVAC site.

Couldn't believe I found this photo... This is Bird Rock (not sure if this is the real name but that is what we call it).... this is outside of Batchelor Bay where we swam yesterday. This is usually the second point in the swim.  If it is calm we go around it, if choppy we go to the near side and head back. Photo by: nightmusik.

A few times a year I swim here - Kits Pool. Possibly one of the nicest pools in the world - maybe the universe.... AND, 1 length = 137 metres! Photo by: treygeiger.

Capilano River Park - Dryland training (Plyometrics and hill repeats on the Cat-Skis) took place with this backdrop this evening.  Photo from the park website.

Innovative Fitness - twice this week.  This photo is not from Vancouver but Machu Picchu where a group of us travelled last year. I could have loaded a picture of the gym but that's a tad boring.... and it's about the people anyway. Photo by: I can't remember.

I didn't go anywhere near this statue this week....  but I love it.  Statue of the Miracle Mile is by Jack Harman , commemorating the August 7, 1954 race at Empire Stadium.  Bannister beat Landy in the home straight.  It was the first time the two had competed against each other (they were the only ones to have broken the 4 minute mile prior to this race.)  In the race they both went sub 4 again....  Read The Perfect Mile - it is all about their stories and it is one of my favourite books.  P.S.  Roger didn't have the Burger King's crown around his arm in the real race.  Photo by:  Su-Chan.

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Jan said...

Awesome pics, Meyrick!! Love reading your submissions. Just remember....each day of passionate dedication (aka hard work/aches & pains....!) brings you ever closer to your dream!! We are with you Meyrick! Bravo!


MJ said...

Thanks Jan! The hard part was choosing the pics - there are a zillion awesome pictures from Vancouver on the web.

Thanks for the cheers too!