Thursday, August 14, 2008

Road Trip! Kelowna Apple - Triathlon Canada National Championship

It's the night before a trip...

For me that always means I am running around like an idiot wishing I had packed, organized, found things, done things, left things, and generally gotten on it a bit earlier.

I sort of pride myself on being able to prepare for anything in about 2 hours.  Much less if I don't have to clean my van....  It isn't worth it though.  I am going to try to remember this moment next time so that I don't keep repeating this craziness.

All this means that I am short on time for this post....  Nationals this weekend should be a lot of fun!  I feel ready.  I would say my swim might be a bit better than last year, my bike should be significantly better and the run, well, I'll hope for a minor improvement.  

Today I rode my bike from YVR to West Van after dropping off a car for friends - it was hot and sunny and I felt awesome... made me eager to race. 

Race Day Forecast

Surprisingly, it appears my rainy triathlon streak could extend to 6!  That is ridiculous!  It will certainly be hot but the P.O.P. is 60%.  What is that mysterious 39 I just noticed above though?  
Here's the schedule:

- Friday: drive to Kelowna.  Check into campsite.  Chill, eat, sleep.
- Saturday:  watch Deb's 5km open water swim race.  Attend pre-race meeting.  Eat, sleep, nap, swim a little, ride a little, run a little.
- Sunday:  RACE!  Eat!  Drive home.

It's a quick mission.  Stay tuned for photos and a race report in a few days.  Enjoy your weekend!


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