Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No Goggles Required

Yesterday Rob and I decided to go for a trail run instead of the typical I.F. workout.  We only have so much good weather left and we thought it best to take advantage.  We went to Capilano River Park and ran from the bottom up to the Cleveland Dam and back.  The trails are beautiful and it was nice to run them (I used Cat-Skis on them last Thursday during dryland training with Tony.)

This morning Kevin and I were on the road at 6am for a quick 60 minute blast out towards Deep Cove.  We followed that with a quick run off the bikes....  I called it early because my ankle was a tad sore after the trail yesterday....  nothing serious but I didn't want to take the chance of aggravating it.  No more running till Saturday I've decided - I'll do a quick jog on Saturday then see what happens during the race on Sunday.

One of my tires was flat this morning - luckily I noticed and poached a wheel off another bike....

Kevin doing curls with his bike pre-ride....  to pump up the biceps.

On another note:  There's not much to say that hasn't been said regarding Michael Phelps and his mission to win 8 gold medals.  Nevertheless, I have to mention how much I am enjoying watching it...  Mattias and I (and even Sacha and Aia) are glued to every race.  He is certainly the most dominant athlete in his sport - more than Tiger Woods, more than Federer (even before Nadal came along) - and it is pretty incredible to watch.  I am so glad that Mattias is old enough to be inspired by it and think how 'cool' it is.  I hope he wins all 8 - if only so Mattias can bore his kids by talking all about Michael Phelps one day.

I ALMOST FORGOT.  I was watching the old tape of Mark Spitz before one of Phelps' races.  Did they not have goggles in 1972???  WOW.  I can't believe they swam like that sans goggles.  I wonder how fast Phelps would be if he had to race without goggles?

Phelps - with goggles.

Spitz - no goggles required.

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