Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hornby Island - Midsummer Holiday


You can sure miss a lot when you spend a week on a remote island without TV, e-mail, internet, or cell service.  Blissfully unaware of rockslides, earthquakes, savage decapitations and other scary and depressing news stories, we spent our time on Hornby eating, drinking, riding bikes, and laughing.  The only bad news we encountered came via the weather man, who thwarted any fantasies we had of lounging on Big Tribune beach soaking up the rays.

Rather than bore/horrify you with the minutiae of our holiday I will allow my photographs to do the talking.  Of course, I can't allow anyone (or anything) else to do ALL the talking so I will provide captions.  Please enjoy:

Eurovan Power.  Mess o' bikes.

Island Crib.  This place was awesome....  weird Hornby style with driftwood ladders to lofts and crazy decor.  Huge veranda, hammock, hot tub, outdoor bathtub....

Bert - Firing up some tunes (and wishing he had internet.)

Remember setting up jumps back in the day?  Awesome....

Bert and Daisy

Aia - focused

Toque wearing in July is unfortunate.... but my haircut provides very little insulation.

Mel ripping it up - check out the fresh ride! How much would you pay me to ride this at Nationals in two weeks?

Intruder on the Bocce pitch.

Hot Tubs = Good Times. Aia actually swims lengths and Finlay snorkels...

Pizza night at the Cardboard House Bakery - awesome summer evening tradition (Wednesdays and Saturdays). BYO B, blanket, chair etc. Live music and GREAT pizza.

Shane Philip the "World Famous didgeridoo player" who played at Pizza Night - he was awesome.

I'm a lucky man.

Kids - Pre coca-cola.

All of the kids went a bit insane due to the presence of their friend Coca-Cola - I think our kids may have had two cans of coke ever... it is like the holy grail of beverages for Mattias.

Finlay, Bert, Mattias and I at the beach.... this rocky beach was a 10 minute kid ride from our crib. Earlier in the week Finlay took an awesome endo-header over a log coming down the hill - apparently quite gnarly.

My ride - it's a bit retro now... V-brakes and all, but I still like it.

Brenton at the top of Mount Geoffrey.

Top of Mount Geoffrey - Nice view of Denman Island and Vancouver Island in the distance. This is about 5 minutes before I endo-wipe trying to go over a log on the downhill. No damage done (other than to my confidence.) We did a 2.5 hour mountain bike on this day - was a blast! I think we missed the trails we were trying to find so will need to go back soon...

Viggo, the vigitarian, viginator, nator... unleashing a smile or two these days - always to great applause.

Viggo again

Daisy - happiest baby of all time

Aia - Smiling - because I asked her to... she is the only one who cooperates with my photographic requests.

Finlay - Striking the "Thinker" pose.

Mattias - Probably pondering Indiana Jones' whip technique.

Thanks for reading (viewing)!

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