Monday, August 18, 2008

Simon Whitfield

Wow!  What a race!

I kept thinking he was dropped for good... then I really thought it was going to be gold!

Silver must feel a little better when you have a gold medal hidden behind your favourite book at home.

I thought Simon's interview (about an hour after the race) was awesome...  his sincerity, respectful and thankful words seemed so 'Canadian' to me - at least, what we would like to think Canadians should be like.

Anyway, another great chapter in an amazing Olympics....  I can't believe the amazing performances this year:

- Phelps
- Bolt
- Huynh (our female wrestler)
- the 8's crew
- Simon

Not to slight any of the other great stories, but these ones have really stuck out for me...

More to come I hope!

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