Wednesday, August 27, 2008

L.A. - Late Summer Holiday

We are back from L.A. and Labour Day is approaching...  fall is definitely in the air.  

For some reason when I think of Labour Day I always think no more white pant wearing.  Even though the saying is old, and I have no idea if it is heeded by the fashionistas out there, if you say "Labour Day", I think "No more white pants."  Period.  

Actually, I don't wear white pants - ever - because I find that my black leg shows through.  This is an odd reason since I wear shorts 99% of the time (and my carbon fibre leg certainly shows up well through thin air.)

If not being able to wear white pants is a downside of having only one leg it is easily offset by my ability to skip all line-ups at Disneyland!!!  That's right - all those hour+ lines.  Mattias and I waited about 75 minutes in the blazing sun for Big Thunder Mountain and the lady running the ride saw my leg and said, "You can skip all line-ups with that."  I had a momentary moral dilemma...  momentary, like 10 seconds or so.  I made peace with my struggling conscience by donating our now unnecessary (and inferior) FastPass tickets to others.

It was an excellent trip, though it felt a little short.  Without further ado - the photos (and my hopefully not too boring commentary):

We shelled out the extra $15 for a limo to the airport - not just to surprise the kids, but because our family has outgrown regular taxis.... sheeeesh!

We spent hours every day in the backyard pool.  We traded houses and cars with the Tysch Family on which is the best travel website ever!  Seriously, check it out....  it has made travel so much more affordable and awesome for us.

Kids in goggles look hilarious...  My kids swim mostly underwater.  They're good at underwater swimming and I can't seem to make them want to swim much on top....  puzzling.

Sacha's mom, Anne Marie, came with us.  It was certainly nice to have an extra set of hands on this trip so THANK YOU Anne Marie!

Viggo loves the water though he is usually mobbed by his fans (Mattias and Aia.)

Aia at Disneyland...  She saw most of the princesses she wanted to see as well as Mickey and Minny.

Mattias and Aia with Minny.  Mattias acts pretty cool but he gets into it...  He said to me, "Dada there are people inside those costumes right?"  He thought it was cool that he knew, I thought it was cool that he needed to ask.

Playing Mickey's piano.

Big Thunder Mountain - look at that face.  Awesome!  

Sacha and I ran together a few times.  6km with pick-ups one day and 9km another day.  It is so nice to jump in that pool right after a run...

Sacha and Viggo at The Grove just before we went out to dinner at Pizzeria Mozza - Mario Batali's restaurant - the pizza was awesome.  We also went out with another friend to Beso in Hollywood which is Eva Longoria's restaurant - an amazing room, great food and company.

Eating on the deck...  every meal, every day outside..

We ate well.

We visited friends in Laguna Beach - Viggo digs the beach.

Beach chillin'.

Aia getting important work done.

Mattias and I playing with the camera.

The view from Marilyn and Myron's deck... wow.  Steps right down onto the beach, open air shower in the garden, unbelievable.

This guy is growing up fast...

Urth Caffe on Melrose...  I highly recommend it.

He always seems to nap at the right time...  way to go Viggo!

2 minutes post Snoop Dogg sighting...  LAX lounge waiting for the plane.  Snoop has the largest bodyguards I have ever seen - no joke these guys are around 400lbs.

Viggo flew the friendly skies with style and grace... (i.e. he didn't cry and piss off everyone around us.)  Kudos also to Sacha for making traveling work with all of these kids - snacks, toys, books, you name it - in the bag.

In case you were wondering who reads these things...  Mattias does.  He asks questions like, "So if we crash we get to go on the slide?"  Kind of like, "Hey that would be fun..."

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