Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amateur Hour - Sports Photography

Yesterday Rob and I hit the trails at the Capilano River Park.

Our plan was to go for an easy run of about an hour.  I decided to bring my camera along to see if we could get some cool trail running shots.  We fooled around with the camera, running up and down hills for a long time.  We ended up having to hightail it out of there at high speed to not be too late.  We ran HARD for the last 15 minutes to get out of the Park.

Sports photography is difficult.  Unless the sport is very slow and occurs in a well lit place.  For instance, I imagine curling is probably not too difficult to photograph.

I would take a few shots then give Rob the camera with the settings fixed and he'd snap off a few.  Unfortunately, we came away with very few good shots because the forest was SO dark (and we were moving so fast!)

I had to get artistic on the computer to make some of these work.... As a hobby though I am still working on this... will get better with practice I hope.

Welcome to Amateur Hour - Sports Photography... (click images to enlarge)

Hair flowing.... it's not fair because his hair makes him look a lot faster....

I like the lean in this one.... wish the other shoe wasn't blocked

Driving up the hill...

Gotta tuck my elbows in...

That's a bit better...

I like this one Rob took....  seems candid even though it is obviously not.

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