Thursday, September 25, 2008

Introducing Canwi Multisport

It's been a hectic few days since I returned from Ottawa.

I launched into a new program after a few relatively unstructured weeks post-triathlon season. It has been awesome to be back on the plan. Having someone else sweating the details of my training week and specific workouts leaving me to focus on performing well and recovering well is a real luxury.

On the topic of people sweating my workouts, I have yet to mention that I have a new coach. There was nothing wrong with the old one - I didn't pound the table and say, "You're Fired!" like the Donald. James got a new job with so I wish him the best with it....

Canwi Multisport has taken the reigns... Sean and Tara-Lee coach several friends of mine in triathlon and swimming and have helped them achieve some great results. As you can see from the info below (click to enlarge) they are quite accomplished athletes themselves. The bonus that made it a natural choice for me is that Sean x-c ski raced into his teens so he understands the language, the sport and the training. He will be able to put together awesome programs and stellar workouts in all of my sports. He will probably also understand and incorporate Tony's technical ski mumbo-jumbo (no offense Tony) better than I do.

I am also extremely proud to announce that Canwi will be sponsoring me. Their support is much appreciated and you will all witness the value they bring as coaches when you read about my workouts here on

When you decide to take your game to the next level give Canwi a call.... haha, as if anyone calls these days. Check out their website HERE.

Sean and Tara-Lee will work hand in hand with Tony (my technical ski coach) and Rob and Daryl, my I.F. trainers. Their job is to put together the overall plan for my training, periodization etc. and to organize the workouts to achieve results at my goal races. My job is to do the work. It's great to have a team especially when I compete in these individual sports.

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