Sunday, September 14, 2008

Terry Fox Run

About 20 of us tackled the West Vancouver Terry Fox Run this morning under sunny skies.  It was a lot of fun to mix different groups of our friends together out there.

People chose their own distance - 2 or 5 km - and we went for it.  Mattias dug deep and turned in an excellent performance in the 5km event (his longest official event thus far.)

It was nice to get a bunch of friends together, raise some money for the Terry Fox Foundation, and enjoy a beautiful run along the West Vancouver Seawall.

After a great breakfast at Milestone's we came home and I decided to do a little education about Terry with the kids...  

"I'm not doing my run to become rich or famous.  To me, being famous is not the idea of the run.  The only important part is finding a cure for cancer.  Don't forget that.  I'm no different from any of you - I'm no better, no worse.  You are cheering and clapping for me but if you have given $1, then you are part of the Marathon of Hope.  Even if I don't finish, we need others to continue.  It's got to keep going without me."
- Terry Fox - July 11, 1980

Please enjoy this YouTube video which will remind you why Terry is the greatest Canadian ever* (make sure you have the volume up and a kleenex handy at about the 3:30 mark.)

Our photos from today:

Jones Family along with Gary (Sacha's Dad)

Mattias looking spry at the 4.98 km mark

Most of our group....  5 or 6 still on the course.

Chantal, Parents, and kids....

Mattias and Aia with their certificates

Viggo helping me write this blog

*I suppose you could debate my assertion that Terry is the greatest Canadian... but you would probably lose...

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