Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Compromise and Plan B...

At the best of times compromising is somewhat irritating...  In most cases I would rather just get what I want.  

Selfish?  Maybe.  Realistic?  Definitely.  And don't try to tell me you are any different.

So, I compromised with myself about racing next weekend - a twist on the usual "compromise" that takes place with someone else.  

I really wanted to race.  I could actually feel it....  the desire to race.  It was strong.  That is a feeling that I need to keep.  I have to make sure I don't "satisfy" it - or I might wake up and not feel it anymore.

Moreover, there are the "what ifs" - what if I crashed and couldn't run in Ottawa?  what if I injure myself and have to use crutches in front of the soldiers I am there to inspire with my running?  what if I overdo it and feel exhausted by the time late season ski races roll around?  

I am normally not a fan of "what ifs" (as they closely resemble excuses) but there is a point to be considered here.  You draw up a plan for a reason.  The plan includes slow times, heavy intensity periods and lots of fun racing.  The idea is to have fun, perform well and always be hungry for more (and physically able to handle it all.)  Plugging in serious efforts (races) at the last minute is akin to letting the inmates run the asylum.

So I compromised.  Our whole family will be lacing up for the Terry Fox Run on Sunday the 14th in West Vancouver.  There are three distances 2, 5 and 10km.

Here is the call out:  If anyone would like to join us for this run we'd love to see you there.  Drop me a note in the comments or through the right hand column on my blog - come out and run with Mattias, Aia, Viggo, Sacha and I...  we can accommodate almost any desired pace!

Ambleside Park at the west end (13th Street) in West Vancouver - Run starts at 9am.  Be there by 8:30am. 

This is a pretty good fall back plan.  I feel a certain kinship with Terry....  it's not just the absence of a leg... but he did his Marathon of Hope out of a camper van which draws Terry even nearer to my heart.  Talk about the best way to create a legacy and become a household name - doing sports out of the back of a camper van!  

By the way, his van is getting quite a bit of attention these days (it was found and restored and is touring the country).  And the Oscar for Best Van in a Supporting Role goes to.....  Terry's Marathon of Hope Van!

We hope to see you on the 14th for the run!

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