Monday, September 8, 2008

A decision is in....

In the case of:

One More Triathlon vs. Resting, Training and Focusing on What Lays Ahead

We the jury (me), find One More Triathlon to be reckless and guilty of attempting to seduce a third party (me) into athletic events that are not part of the "greater plan" and therefore are irresponsible and illogical.

We sentence One More Triathlon to jail time equivalent to:

One ski season plus a few weeks of holidays.  We expect that in the case of exemplary behaviour early release may be granted in time for the UBC Triathlon in March 2009.

Resting, Training and Focusing on What Lays Ahead is free to continue with all activities that do not interfere with the master plan as visualized and periodized with the help of professionals.

Court is adjourned.

(Translation:  I am not traveling to Sooke to race this weekend.  Thanks Matt - discretion is the better part of valour.)

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