Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday - Dryland Training

Last night Tony, Andrea and I rollerskied around Stanley Park.

It was nice to ski on flat terrain as most of the rollerskiing I have done has been uphill.  This session we worked on skate technique.  Tony has me focusing on the "Two Skate" - one pole thrust for every two strides.  He thinks this will be a good "high gear" for me - something I didn't have last season.  I think I am close to having it dialed.

I am also trying to develop the "One Skate" - one pole thrust for every one stride i.e. poling on every stride left and right - it is by far the toughest technique with my uneven left and right strength and glide capability.

This is what it is supposed to look like:

His name is Per Elofsson (which automatically gives him better skiing genes than me...) 

The "Cypress Incident" has left me a little cautious when rollerskiing on tarmac.  On the track I go for it - the track is forgiving in a wipeout - but on the road I have a hard time really committing to each stride (in case I overcommit and plant my face on the pavement.)  Despite my caution I managed to wipeout gently (on grass beside the path) last night while working on the one skate...  It's not a rollerski session unless I am skidding across the ground at some point.

A good time was had by all.... 

Tony dispensing wisdom...

Can you believe we get to train here?

Back in the parking lot (how do you like my sweet new lid?)

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