Sunday, September 7, 2008


With so much spectating going on lately (another two races this weekend) I am beginning to get antsy.

I am seriously toying (if one can "seriously toy"...) with the thought of racing in Sooke next weekend.  The event features a sprint and a half iron race.


My ability to "chill" needs work.  I only have to watch two races to feel lazy...

On the bright side I will have some more good photos from my exploits as a spectathlete this weekend.

Damn near every last person I know competed in the Innovative Fitness Canuck Place Adventure Challenge on Saturday.  It was a gorgeous day in Deep Cove and I got quite a few great shots...  more importantly than my photographs though - over $200,000 was raised for Canuck Place!

Then this morning Sacha and her good friend Mel (and several other friends) knocked out a very solid 14km Coho Run effort under brilliant fall sunshine.  I pestered (cheered for) them 4 times with the kids (all 3) at various points along the way...  It was a "Superfan" outing for the ages if I do say so myself (and I do.)

Look for some good photos and a decision from me tomorrow.  It was a great weekend but one that has left me hungry...

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