Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to School

Mattias just left for his first day of Grade 1.

That was fast...  Seems like only yesterday we were coming home from the hospital and stopping at Delany's on the way (creating a tradition which we repeated two years later with Aia, and six years later with Viggo.)

As our eldest, Mattias is sometimes subjected to greater expectations as we hope he'll set the right kind of examples for his siblings.  He does an admirable job with the eldest child burden and is a great big brother for Aia and Viggo.

At moments like this I think it is fair to reflect and feel some pride in the job Sacha and I have done with him so far.  It's kind of like running a marathon and looking at your watch and seeing that you are on pace at the 3 mile mark though...........


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