Monday, September 8, 2008

Innovative Fitness Canuck Place Adventure Challenge - photos!!

OK. I have finally finished uploading all the photos from the weekend. It is kind of laborious work but far better than how it would have played out only a few short years ago....

Cast your mind back 10 years....

1998 = Start up the car. Drive to London Drugs with 8 rolls of film. Drop off. Drive home. Wait a day or two. Drive back. Realize you forgot the damn keychain discount thing so fork over $50 and pick up an 8lb bag of photos. Eagerly flip through the results of your efforts and realize that 90% of them suck. Go back and order doubles of the 20 decent shots. Throw the rest in the garbage to await transfer to the nearest landfill where they will reside for the next 3000 years. Drive home. Put photos in a drawer and forget them forever (unless married in which case there is a 10% chance they will be album-ified.)

2008 = sit at your computer for a few hours organizing, uploading, editing, arranging etc. Only had to swear a few times when the uploads to Flickr mysteriously got interrupted. Distrubute to all friends with a few clicks of the mouse. Post on blog and show the world.  Nice.

So the next time you are about to complain about gas prices escalating remember: you're saving on photo finishing. It helps. A bit.

Without further ado.... HERE is the link to my IFCP Adventure Challenge Flickr page with 178 photos for your perusal.

A couple of favourites:

Kris and Candice taking the victory in the short course event.

Team Unbreakable (I think).

Angry cyclist. Ready to rock!

Malcolm pointing the way...

Curtis - with bicep implants.

The Young Guns - Got lucky with this one.... love the slope and timing on the left leg swing.... exposure could be better but I'll take it.

Johan and Paul - Father and son

Young Guns again... Marshall not visible in the tail-gunner position.

Willie and John Henry Sr. - Another father/son combo...

The Start!

Richard - the Thinking Man's Mountain Biker

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Malcolm said...

Hey Meyrick,
you should have yelled hello!

what an awesome race!

MJ said...

I would have but I didn't clue in that it was you till you were long gone....

Maybe I'll see you on Sunday?