Saturday, September 13, 2008


The West Vancouver Soccer Club started up today with action at the Hugo Ray field at 9:30am...  The Red Dragons, Mattias' team, were ready to rock as evidenced by the fact that I barely had time to park the car before Mattias had slotted his first goal of the season with a shot just inside the near post of the green team's net.

To put the magnitude of this goal into perspective, consider that it took him all of last season before he finally scored in the final game.  A soccer season is 6 months long with games every Saturday...  so that's a long wait for goal #1.

He was pretty pumped and proceeded to threaten the net for the rest of the game...  It should be a great year for him.

He is also tapering for his 5km debut tomorrow in the Terry Fox Run...  I knew he was ready after this conversation:

Me:  Mattias, do you feel like doing another race this Sunday?
Him:  Sure.  Which race?
Me:  The Terry Fox Run.  Have you heard about Terry Fox?
Him:  Are we running across Canada?
Me:  No.  Not quite.

Kids are awesome....  I love those moments.  He was totally into it.  We'd just get up on Sunday have some Cheerios and head out to run across Canada.

After soccer we chilled out around the house for the afternoon, I found time to take a few pictures of the kids and to kick back and read a nice little article about myself in Triathlon Magazine...  I like the quote they chose to feature in bold... (click to enlarge)

Maybe I'll see some of you tomorrow?

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Ri said...

Ha! Who are you trying to kid?

Him: Are we running across Canada?
Me: No. Not until you're 7, son.