Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Training Update

The long weekend was pretty quiet on the training front.  Sacha and I spent a good deal of time planning our next few weeks and months.  

Back to School has encouraged us to get our ducks in a row as far as the home front goes.  We got a bit more "moved in" to our house - hung some pictures etc.  We got some Back to School Resolutions in order and are ready to hit the fall at full tilt.

This kind of stuff, though annoying, does get your energy pumping if you give in to it.  I gave in and am now feeling some jump for the new season.


Monday - 10km ride with Mattias in the Seymour Demonstration Forest....  I was scoping it for roller skiing...  I think his biking pace will be pretty challenging for me on the skis.  He will get a kick out of kicking my a$$ out there.  Look for that workout later this week or maybe early next...

Tuesday - Dryland Training at Burnaby Central Track.  Double pole intervals on the roller skis.

- 5 x 400m all out with 400 easy in between.
- Then push-ups 90 seconds as many as possible (around 65)
- Another 400 all out on the tired arms
- Then we did a relay where I did another 400 all out.

Mostly working on leading with the hips and getting out over the front of the ski so that momentum can assist and it isn't all arms...  ideally double poling power is generated and applied through the core.  It's not nearly as simple as it looks....  The position I am striving for is shown nicely in the following pictures:

Wednesday AM - Masters.  Our first fall session after a 10 day layoff.  Mischa hit us with:

- 600m - Back and Free (x100)
- 100 warm-down
- 6 x 100m - (50 drills, 50 swim)
- 100 w-d
- 4 x 200m Free (30 seconds rest)
- 200 w-d
- 10 x 50 Free (on :55)
- 100 w-d
- 2 x 25 Free! Race.  (on :45)
- 100 w-d

This was tough on the sore arms from last night, but it felt great to see everyone again and to be back in the pool.

Wednesday PM - Innovative Fitness.  I have a workout in a couple of hours with Daryl at I.F. in Kits.  I go to the Kitsilano I.F. on Wednesdays which, despite being further away, has been good - it gets me out of my little West Van bubble once a week which is nice.

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